Quality European gutters

Conventional square gutters get clogged and wear down easily, causing frustration and costing you more money. Revivaline provides Lindab European Gutters; an efficient and aesthetically pleasing solution to your home’s gutter needs. Here are some reasons why you should choose European style gutters for your home.


The half round design of our gutters require less surface area for water to move. No other gutter design moves water in a more efficient way. And with the rounded base debris has nowhere to get caught. This means you won’t be straining to clean out your gutters.

Leak-Free Systems

Our gutters are designed with heavy duty corners that come in one piece so there are no chances of it leaking. With the one-piece design there are no liquid sealants or screws required.

quality, for every home

Every component in our gutters is manufactured to high quality levels. Because of its high quality, these rainlines are dent resistant and can withstand impact from ladders, and withstand the weight of snow and ice.

The streamline design of the gutters allows it to cohesively integrate with any style of house or building. Whether you have a large or small, classic or contemporary structure, Revivaline's Lindab gutters can complement any style.

Designed to suit your style

Our gutters are colour coated with a durable high-build polyester paint which can withstand the elements and is UV stable, meaning it won’t fade.

The Lindab gutter systems offered by Revivaline come in a wide range of colours. We have 6 colours in our 6” lines and 4 colours in our 5” lines. We are also the only supplier in Canada that carries the exclusive Zinc Magestic colour.


Revivaline is also able to provide you with new fascias and drip edge extensions to further protect your home from water damage. Fascias are installed behind the Rainline systems and drip edge extensions are fit along the roofline to draw water into the gutter.

Need more Reasons? Download our Lindab brochure.

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Constructed to last a lifetime

All Lindab Rainline systems offered by Revivaline are made from durable hot dipped 23 gauge galvanized steel. Find out more about how the half round construction helps your gutter systems withstand even the harshest conditions.

Extreme Longevity

  • Lindab steel gutters have a life expectancy of more than 70 years - meaning you won’t have to worry about paying for repairs or replacements.
  • Lindab Rainline painted products are covered with a 15 year warranty. So if the paint has some trouble standing up against the Ontario weather we have you covered.

Corrosion Resistant

  • All steel that is used in our gutter systems is galvanized and coated with a thick layer of zinc and polyester for superior corrosion and rust resistance.

Low Thermal Movement

  • Steel expands and contracts four times less than aluminium which is used with conventional gutters. This eliminates stress on the entire gutter system and results in better performance and longevity against the harsh Ontario climate.
  • To prevent any thermal stress from expansion and contraction between the gutter system and the home structure the brackets are mounted independently to the home structure. The gutter is snapped onto the bracket and provides an allowance for thermal movement.

Withstand Extreme Weather

  • Hail, ice and snow are common in Ontario and are some of the top reasons for damage to rain gutter systems. Steel is durable and can withstand extreme weather conditions.

your complete Gutter System

HFT Style Bracket

Heavy duty hanger that is mounted independent from the gutter. This relieves any chance of thermal stress on the system.

  • KFK (code)

Gutter Joint

Pressure fit buckle locks into place to ensure excellent hold. EPDM gasket stays flexible, ensuring no leak points.

  • RSK (code)

End Cap

EPDM rubber seal. No screws or caulking necessary. Simply snaps into place.

  • RG (code)


Large drain hole for superior water flow. Simply clicks into place. Engineered so it won’t leak.

  • OMV (code)

Pipe Strap

Easy click function that secures downpipe into position away from wall to eliminate sound transfer.

  • SSVU (code)

Y Pipe

Used to merge two outlets into one.

  • GROR (code)

Inline Diverter

Diverts water into a rain barrel. Simply fold down the tongue when you wish to collect water.

  • FUTK (code)

Offset Bend

Used to offset a downpipe.

  • SOKN (code)


Corners are stamped out of one-piece sheet steel, ensuring no chance of leaking.

  • RVI (code)


70-degree angle is designed for optimal water flow to reduce chance of ice buildup in freeze/thaw cycles.

  • BK/BM(code)

Half Gutter

The half round gutter is superior in transporting water compared to any other style. Water always collects to the absolute bottom and helps cleaning out debris and leaves.

  • G (code)

Overflow Protector

Usable where you have concentrated drains from the gutter system on the higher rooflines flowing out on you lower roofs.

  • OSKR (code)


The round downspout is superior in transporting water from the gutter and out.

  • SROR (code)

Standard Colour Options.









*colours may not be exactly as shown*

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